Q.  What is Swasthya?

A.  Swasthya is an online portal developed for users to report their state of health. Swasthya maps these user reported information to provide current trends and patterns in disease spread by combining it with remotely sensed satellite data, social media data and google search term data.
Q.  Who can participate in Swasthya?

A.  Any resident interested in reporting their state of health symptoms or about anyone in his/her vicinity is most welcome to participate in Swasthya. Your participation can help build a healthier city.
Q.  How can I participate in Swasthya?

A.  Log on to www.swasthya.bvieer.edu.in or scan the QR code on the poster and report your symptoms and confirmed diagnosis.
Q.  Who can see the information I submit?

A.  No personal information of participants is collected by Swasthya or stored. Only reported cases are shared in the public domain to visualize, without any personal information associated with it.
Q.  How does it work?

A.  Swasthya integrates data from multiple sources such as satellite imagery, twitter, google search term data and public reporting and presents it though a participatory visualization tool, enhancing the surveillance of mosquito borne diseases. This enables both citizens and the local authorities to take corrective action at an early stage avoiding the outbreak of an epidemic.